Three Tips on Starting a Bullet Journal // Featured Blogger Krystal

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I started bullet journaling about 3 years ago. I was scrolling through Pinterest, when I saw amazing pictures of journals. I immediately fell in love and told myself that I needed to recreate those pages myself. I started off with simple templates from experts in the field and soon I started having my own ideas and got the hang of it. I joined the studygram community (a community on Instagram that features bullet journals, art, study material, etc) in September of this year and I must say it was one of the best choices I made. I made many great friends that I can easily connect with. Who knew that I'll be great friends and talk nonstop with people from the other side of the globe. The only regret I have is not joining earlier. I really love bullet journaling because it's therapeutic, keeps me organized, and makes me feel productive. Also, the idea of flipping back and looking at what I did with my time is exciting and satisfying.

How do you start? As previously mentioned, Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration and Instagram, too. There are many great accounts that have amazing layouts and spreads. I suggest borrowing and modifying elements that others use to help you find your own style, but don't plagiarize! (Never!) My favorite and also the most common spread is the weekly spread. How I start on a spread is first laying out the days of the week. After I have them down, I'll think of whether I want some sort of theme; whether it's color or subject coordinated or even a combination of both. Looking around the bujo community, color seems to be more popular. Next, I'll find items to fit that theme. This is my favorite part. When it comes to decorating there are endless possibilities! I use stickers, magazine and newspaper cutouts, pictures printed from the internet, etc. Now all you have to do is decide where to place things and what looks best. One thing I suggest is that if you like to use an abundance of color, make sure the colors and materials don't clash. It'll look tacky and a bit out of place. Some ways to spice things up are:

  1. Use calligraphy for quotes and title 
  2. Use washi tape to tape pictures down or to border pages - This helps to keep your sections organized
  3.  Include miniature doodles (plants, stars, flowers, etc)

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